Whether we want to admit it or not, we’re all obsessed with looking at houses.

We all have some type of dream house we’re looking at. Or we’re looking for the next house to move into.

Some of us are just plain obsessed with houses in general. That’s me. I’d love to be a serial home flipper, especially as a living. All in good time.

Whatever our reasoning is for looking at houses, one thing is for sure: we can’t live without them. Unless you’re a vagabond, living out of your van. Temporarily, that sounds dreamy. You could go anywhere and park anywhere. There’s probably more flexibility than an RV.

Finding the right house is a challenge. Each one set up in its own little neighborhood is a reflection of your lifestyle and there are so many ways to live it. Some of us want to be able to walk everywhere while others want something a little more secluded. Some of us want a little yard and some want to be out in the country.

It’s all in what you envision your dream life to be.

You all had enjoyed my first muse on houses so much that I’d thought I’d do another one for you. Without further ado, let the dreaming begin!

Which one would you guys move into? It’s not fair to ask me because my mind changes wayyy too often. I was on a white house with black shutters (#13- don’t be scared by the number. I rather think it’s good luck as oppose to bad luck. It’s my wedding date after all.) kick for a while. Then I’m on and off cabin fever (#7 and #12) every couple of weeks. Modern homes (#6 and #8) are slowly becoming something I’m interested in.