Rugs are usually one of two things: they’re either the finishing touch or they’re the statement piece that makes the room.

Unfortunately, as statement pieces, those rugs tends to be in the category of higher end items. Aka pieces I can’t afford.

Like most regular folks, for me, rugs are a finishing touch, like adding a fresh bouquet of flowers to the room.

Considering that I work in a high end rug store, it really is a bit of torture to be surrounded by beautiful pieces and not be able to afford pretty much any of it. So, I’m super picky about what I’m prepared to live with.

Tufted rugs tend to be my least favorite quality. They aren’t usually as well made and don’t last as long as the other qualities. The yarns are basically glued to their backing. Once a yarn has been plucked out of place, that’s it. There’s no fixing that. (I’m not saying it’s impossible to fix, though.)

As with anything, there are exceptions to every case. Once in a while, there is a really good tufted quality that I can live with. We just had one delivered to a client’s house not long ago and if you didn’t look at the back, you would almost swear it was hand knotted.

Hand knotted, being the best and most expensive quality, is out unless I can find a super affordable vintage rug. Aka the luck of the devil.

That leaves the middle option: a power loomed or hand woven rug.

Here’s my living room as it stands today.

I have a 6’0 x 9’0 there on the floor. It’s not an awful size, but it’s not ideal. Especially once I add two chairs where the bench sits. An 8’0 x 10’0 would be much better. It would fill the space in and pull the seating area together. It would bring the bench (or the future chairs) on to the rug. Nothing would feel like it’s sitting off by itself, a little disconnected but feel more inviting as a whole.

Here’s a few ideas I’m leaning towards.

Which one do you guys like? I’m leaning towards the second and the last one. The palm leaves one would be super cool but I’m thinking it might get a little dark.

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