September proved to be an interesting month. But then again, everyone holds their breath the longest during this time of the year because it’s the peak time for a hurricane to head our way and this year was no different.

Hurricane Florence forced the Carolina coasts to evacuate.

We took this opportunity to head down to West Palm Beach. My family and I decided that every time there’s an evacuation order, we’re just going to automatically make a vacation trip out of it. The whole town shuts down anyway. Nobody is open. And with lane reversals, it’s challenging to drive around town. So what else is there to do?

In other news, in case you missed the memo, Fall has officially started!!! My favorite season!!! It has definitely started cooling off in the early mornings and evenings. One of my favorite things to do before my day gets going is to sit outside in my screened in porch and drink coffee. It’s like my version of mediation. My day will be alright if it can start off nice and quiet.

Apparently I lowered the rent for my screened in porch to an excellent price. Currently, 5 of these little green lizards have taken up residency.

1)Not only was this prairie home built for living in, it accommodates three African serval cats! That’s wild living!

2)The way they went about this lovely mountain cabin for a weekend trip and as a rental is what I’m hoping to do one day.

3)I love patterns in any room and these are fabulous reasons why!

4)The ZZ Plant is one of my favorites. Here’s what you need to know.

5)Heritage. Another art terminology to get familiar with.

6)As if I needed another reason to visit the Yellowstones. This resort hotel looks irresistible and the perfect excuse to take a winter vacation!

7)What is a garden without bugs and birds? Here’s a fun post on how birds find food.

8)Some of us have trees in the yard, providing shade. Growing a garden in the shade can be challenging. Here’s a few tips to succeed.

9)I’m in love with this designer’s portfolio!!!

10)Here’s some insider tips on where to sit on a plane.

What’s new with you guys?