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July was a particularly busy month. Not only was there a couple of birthdays (including mine!), but we also got the chance to enjoy the company of my grandparents for a couple of days. They left us homemade jam, which I thoroughly enjoyed on my biscuits one morning. The blueberry was the best, but Jon loved the peach.

We went to The Mill Street Tavern for brunch on my birthday and I about fell out of my chair when I tasted their cinnamon roll, topped with fruit compote! I am definitely going back for more! Plus, any place stateside with 150 years old floors from Europe is just super cool.

Just one more month, y’all, then fall will officially be here. I’m so looking forward to that!

Here’s what I’m crushing on this month:

1)I know just where I will put this; over my mirror hooks by the front door once that gets put up!

2) Nothing is more inspirational to me than a good gallery wall.

3) This is a perfectly balanced home of color and pattern. Be sure to read her story on how she went about this.

4) I want to collect these hats and put them by the front door, too! Especially this one and this one!

5) The idea of traveling to another country on a food tour sounds absolutely thrilling.

6) Check out this gorgeous neutral home done right! It’s so clean, done mostly in black and white with pops of color!

7) I love Victorian homes, but this one is spectacular! I don’t even know where to start. The jewel toned colors? The art? The stained glass?

8) Gold is one of my favorite accessory color and these kitchens have it in spades!

9) Why are there not more of me? I’d be in all these Italian places at once if I could!

10) I have started eyeing this lamp for my bedroom!

Have you guys been on a food tour in another country? Let me know!