Let’s talk about a particular color pairing: green and gray.

If you draw a lot of your inspiration from nature, then you know this color combination can work well together. Green is found abundantly in the outdoor world, even on a cactus in the middle of a desert. Now gray is a color you have to look for: tree trunks, rocks, and dark storm clouds, just to name a few. Or look for it in the animals, like horses, cats, dogs, and birds.

Green and gray is a moodier version of green and white. With a lighter shade of green and gray, you can still achieve the garden vibe that most people go for with green and white. While green and white has a crisp fresh look to it, I find green and gray to be a much soothing color combination. It’s like the calm before the storm and that peaceful tranquility before you have to burst out the door to face all the noises of the world. It’s why I chose it for my house.

Something else to think about is that green and white is more thought of as a traditional color combination. Green and gray tends to lean more contemporary. But as we all know, once you know the rules of interior design, you’ll know how to break them. These color combinations do not have to box you in.

There are other ways you can find them beyond your home. Green and Gray is a common quiet elegant color combination for weddings.

And looks just as good on wedding cakes.

They look great on exteriors. Notice how it just seamlessly blends into its surrounding. My next house will be gray. (Not that I have any say in the matter. Leave that to the HOA, which are plentiful in the Charleston area…)

I fall in love every time when a gray house is enveloped by plentiful greens in its surroundings.

Take a look at these beautiful examples of how you can use green and gray in your home:

The mint green kitchen cabinets gives this pairing a fresh contemporary twist with gray and white tiles.

The darker green curtains adds a dramatic flair to this updated traditional room. The gray walls maintains a quiet vibe.

This is probably one of my favorite bedrooms. Green and gray is used in a  beautifully in a quiet manner and is rich in textures! I just want to crawl into this bed and stay there forever!

You can even use green and gray as a fun youthful pairing. I love those green velvet chairs! And how fun is that yellow ceiling?! Do you think you could be brave enough to put yellow on your ceiling? You’re right. That’s a topic for another day.

Deep emerald couch and saturated gray walls sets the dramatic mood in this living room.

Sometimes the best green and gray pairing is when you bring in plants into a room with gray walls. That’s really tying the outdoors inside.

I’ve made a mental note that it’s a great color combination for a mountain home. Although it’s more of a kid’s room, you still feel that cabin vibe with the wallpaper and the emerald green curtains. Of course the moose artwork helps, too.

For unknown reasons, green and gray is not a more popular color combination. It was challenging enough to find these inspirational images. However, it’s one I would call “colorfully neutral.” Perhaps most people find it to be challenging to work with or it’s not one people think of so it’s overlooked. Leave me a comment below. Let me know what your thoughts are on green and gray.