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I know this is getting out a little late. I mean, it’s suddenly December now. Who gave time permission to fly by? This list is suppose to be for November.

I’ve been dialing back on how many posts I put out a week. At the beginning of this year, my goal was twice a week. That’s not been going according to plan, so I’m just going to focus on one good quality post a week until I can get into the momentous swing of things.

We just had someone out to give us an estimate on installing our new flooring. Like anyone else, I’m not looking forward to getting the numbers of the estimate. To be fair, this is a bit of a big job as it’s most of the house. The subfloor will have to be raised and the tile will have to be smoothed out. The floor has to be as even as possible for the LVT to lay flat. I’m taking notes so that I can share this in a post.

This year, fall is starting out a little chilly, which is great because for the first time in a couple of years, the weather has been better for the changing of the leaves as oppose to it changing from green to brown to down on the ground. I really miss seeing the brillant colors of fall, but Charleston is a cool place to live!

Here’s what I loved in November:

  1. This home by Danielle Rollins has been featured so many times all over the web, but I don’t care. This home is so fascinating I could look at it all day long over and over. That kitchen, the dining room, and the butler’s pantry is just to die for!
  2. A Floridan home with dark blue walls? Show me the way! This living room is beautiful with its dark blue Phillips Jefferies grass wallpaper and stunning mid century chandelier. The rest of this home is light and airy with terracotta flooring and antlers.
  3. One of the best things about Charleston is all the colorful doors and all the embellished window boxes!
  4. Normally bugs in general are not my thing, but what is a thing is the lovely bumblebee wallpaper from Farrow and Ball. The bees are so playful while maintaing a curated look. You wouldn’t think of it at first, but they’re a stunning form of polk-a-dot. Katie at The Neo Trad has the right idea for saving this under her dream home file.
  5. So, funny story. I took my dogs out for a walk one day and didn’t notice until the next walk that I lost my doggie poop bag. I immediately went onto Etsy and found one┬ábut hadn’t pulled the trigger yet. Good thing because the next walk after that I found it. All well and intact by some poor person’s mailbox who was probably wondering what fool would leave something on their property. But this doogie poop bag on Etsy is so good looking, I just might get it anyway!
  6. Even though it’s officially December, a whole month went by before I had a chance to share anything fall related, so here’s one: fall colors and decorating with pumpkins.
  7. First, who doesn’t dream of some country farmhouse out in the country, especially a European country. Secondly, that kitchen was well done from the flagstone flooring to the soft gray cabinets to the white wooden ceiling beams.
  8. If this is how you dine at the race tracks, then I need to start going.
  9. An agate clock in the form of a dreamcatcher with beautiful boho fringe? What a beautiful dream!
  10. Just because you’re on vacation doesn’t mean you have to be let your mind get lazy. #3 is particularly my favorite way of staying creative and alert.

Have you guys ever had a fire place cleaned out? Since we had a little trouble with the kitchen drain recently (too much grease, apparently), we decided it might be best to get that cleaned before actually using it.