With Valentine’s Day coming up, I”m sure a romantic getaway is on your mind. Setting the mood and showing a little effort to romance your partner is a surefire way to keep that fire going. (See what I did there?)

Providing the budget allows for it, I can’t see how you can go wrong with a trip out of town (or even in town, if you were to spoil yourselves at a nice hotel that you otherwise wouldn’t) in a environment that you and your special someone considers romantic, whether it’s lounging on the beach, soaking up the sun on an island or up in the mountains in a cabin all snowed in, snuggling by the fire.

Something that my husband and I like to try and do when it’s just the two of us headed out of town is to stay unplugged as much as possible. Sometimes when you get caught up in your everyday routine, it’s easy to forget to re-connect with each other and really give each other your fully undivided attention, making sure both of your needs are being met. As you (hopefully) grow old together, your likes and dislikes will change. As complex human beings, you are always going to change, grow and evolve. It’s essential to your relationship to check in and make sure you still really know your significant other inside and out.

Make sure you schedule some time together throughout the year. You’re not restricted to Valentine’s Day. It just adds more romance in the air to do so.

As you make your way through this list, you might be intrigued to know that I couldn’t resist throwing in two of the places I seriously considered eloping to. So, trust me when I say these places are romantic because I absolutely believe they are.

1) Rancho Caymus Inn; Napa, CA  $$$

Every girl is going to be different. Every girl is going to have her drink type preference, but there’s no going around the fact that wine has long since invoked the image of romance. So why not go to the wine capital of our country: Napa, California.

There is something about wine that encourages the art of living well. It enchants the nose, making it irresistible to inhale its scent, whether it’s actually pleasing or not, which then leads you to taste it. Once you’ve tasted it, you’ll start sipping as it’s not a drink to rush through to but enjoy. Finding a wine that you throughly enjoy is a process, one that I find fun.

Napa has produced some of the country’s best and more popular wines. In fact, with the wineries out there being neighbors, there are plenty of wine tours to enjoy. It’s also an enjoyable activity for a couple spending time together. You’ll share opinions about everything from the wine to the winery itself. You’ll share each other’s reactions. You’re making memories together. And while you’re at it, you might stay at a place like Rancho Caymus Inn.

I’m not quite sure exactly what it is, but something about this inn makes me think of Italy- not that I’ve ever been there, so what do I know? Italy is another fabulous place for drinking wine (maybe I’ll work on an international list) and is one of the places I’ve been wanting to go to. For me, this inn seems to invoke that scene (Even though this might be more of a Spanish vibe).

All of their interiors are quite serene, falling in with the natural vibes: white walls and 19th century barn wooden ceilings. There is actually quite a bit of wood and brown shades without it being overwhelming. It actually conjures a sense of coziness and intimacy, which is exactly what you want in a romantic getaway room. A lot of the elements, including the iron works, have come from all across the Americas. I love that this does not feel like just another hotel but a home away from home.

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2) Post Ranch Inn; Big Sur, CA $$$$

I promise I’m not showing preference to California, but as I’ve never been to the west coast before, they seem to have a lot to offer. But honestly, it’s hard to turn down a hotel that essentially sits on the edge of a cliff and offers beautiful unobstructive views of the ocean, especially with a balcony to sit out and enjoy. Sometimes I’m not quite sure how I did turn it down as a place to elope to, but I did. I guess my preference for a waterfall scene was stronger.

I don’t think a scene could get much more romantic than where the mountains meet the ocean. Big Sur is largely known for being very lovely scenic drive. Its curvy roads make for a fun road trip with view unmatched anywhere else. It’s a daring adventure as there’s not much but a simple rail guard to prevent you from flying right over the cliffs into the ocean.

Post Ranch Inn is definitely the one place I’d stay at while visiting Big Sur. You’re essentially visiting Big Sur for the views and the location, so why not stay at a nice place that offers both? Post Ranch Inn is a splurge, but one that would be worth it. While it has modern touches, it’s built to blend in with the surroundings, not stick out like a sore thumb saying “Hey! I’m right here!” No one wants to take away from a view like this, in fact, I think it further enhances the romantic atmosphere.

There are several different accommodations through out the property with different types of views. Personally, I think the one overlooking the water on the cliff just might be the best one. Especially the Cliff Room. How can you not feel happy waking up to something like that? Plus, having a view like that with open windows in a position where nobody can look in, feeling that privacy is fantastic for a romantic getaway.

Post Ranch Inn designed their accommodations to have a modern twist with a cabin vibe. The walls have warm wood and the fireplace has a gentle curve to it. In fact, part of the modern design is all of the curvy features: the walls, the fireplace, the deck, the roofs, the hot tub, and the circles in the rug. The designs follow that basic cabin idea: quiet features and accessories that is inspired by its outdoor scenery.

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3) Twin Farms; Barnard, VT $$$$$

Are you looking for a quiet town in the Northeast to get away to? Then you should look at Twin Farms in Barnard, Vermont. Vermont is more forested than there are towns and is known especially for maple syrup. The very first Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream set up shop in this beautiful state. And you know the Cabot Cheese that you find in the cheese aisle? You can go and visit them for some cheese sampling. Can’t get much fresher cheese than that! And this time of the year probably has snow, so you could go skiing or snowboarding, if you’re the adventurous types. Twin Farms’ website has a list of suggested activities and one of them is sledding. Now that is one activity I miss doing!

Twin Farms is truly set up to cater your getaway needs. They offer breakfast and farm to table dinners. They’ll pack you a picnic lunch. They have barbecues and bonfires. This is essentially an adults only property (with the exception of allowing 16 years and older), so you won’t have little ones running around, screaming, ruining your romantic moment. Not to mention, they have two BMW 750i X if you need a ride around town.

The owner, Thurston Twigg-Smith, wanted to keep the 1795 farm house and add new cottages around it. Interior Designer Jed Johnson worked on the rooms in the farm house. Later, Twigg-Smith worked with Peter Bohlin to work on another farm house (the Farmhouse at Copper Hill) and one of the cottages (Aviary). Yet another interior designer became involved in this project. Thad Hayes designed all the more recent spaces of Twin Farms. To further add beauty to Twin Farms, Twigg-Smith hired landscape architect, Dan Kiley. With all of these well known designers, it’s no wonder it’s been featured on One Kings Lane.

Each room and cottage are distinctly decorated but beautifully done. The living room above is of the Barn Cottage and you certainly get that feel by its lofty ceiling with wooden beams and the art of a horse. I really don’t know that I could choose a favorite but if I had to choose, the Aviary cottage seems to be a very unique cottage with a hot tub in the floor in front of a fireplace surrounded by stone and windows to gaze out at the beautiful views.

However, this may be one of the most expensive place to stay. From some of the reviews I’ve read, it’s definitely more about the experience, which I would hope and expect at that price point. The idea is much like going to an expensive restaurant vs an everyday one. You’ll go for the experience of something new and you go to be spoiled. Twin Farms has continuously gotten 5 stars over the years, so they must be doing something right. A place that anticipates your needs, really sets you up for a romantic weekend.

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4) Holualoa Inn; Big Island HI $$$

Going to an island is a romantic notation for a lot of us and Hawaii is no exception. Not many of us could say no to endless sunny days and miles of oceans for beautiful views. One of my favorite romantic things to do is walking on the beach with my husband, especially in the evenings around sunset when the beach is most quiet. I love the tranquility of the ocean waves and sinking my feet in the sand. Somehow it promotes deep and thoughtful conversations. You could go to any of the Hawaiian island for this, but I chose Holualoa Inn on the Big Island for this list. Holualoa Inn was in my top final choices of places to elope. It literally came down to this one or La Paz.

Being somewhere topical, surrounded by tropical botanicals in beautiful weather definitely invokes the image of romance. You can wear thin, breezy clothes that makes you feel good or you can wear a bathing suit. Sometimes showing a little skin and feeling good about yourself and your body will draw the attraction of your significant other. Plus, being in the warm sun? You can’t help but feel happy and like a smile, happy is a beautiful thing to wear.

Just look at that view! I would definitely call it a romantic moment to sit and enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning. This inn sits on a cliff overlooking the ocean and has its own coffee plantation (Does a coffee tour instead of a winery tour count as romantic?). Those alone were winning points for me! The property is surrounded by beautiful landscape. It offers a “zen” sensation and relaxation and with tropical temperatures, their rooms are set up for indoor/outdoor living.

Each room offers a beautiful view of the property, whether it’s the gardens or the ocean or both, like the Orchid Room above. Designed with a blend of asian and tropics, each room is inspired by the location and the zen tranquility. The Holualoa Inn is meant to feel like a quiet home away from home. This is a great article about how this inn came about.

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5) Lone Mountain Ranch; Big Sky, MT

Maybe it’s just me, but I find something about ranches romantic. Maybe it’s the wild west or the horses or it’s getting back to the basics- being outdoors and doing physical work. I’ve always wanted to go to Montana. Every picture I’ve seen of Montana has always been beautiful and to me, a beautiful scenery makes it easier to want to re-connect with your significant other and live in the moment. Lone Mountain Ranch was established over a hundred years ago. That’s a hundred years of knowing what works and what doesn’t to keep this ranch going. Things like that are going to offer you life lessons that you can take away to apply to your own life with your significant other.

Going to a ranch isn’t just a summer thing. It’s a winter thing, too. After all, it’s hard to say no to a horse drawn sleigh ride in the snow. Now that’s a romantic moment: snuggling under a blanket, taking in the scene around you while you’re on your way to dinner. Now, my husband is not a horse person, but I am sure going to try to get him on a horse one day. To me, riding a horse out on a trail is a good bonding opportunity. It gives you a chance to think, a chance to talk about what’s on your mind, or to enjoy the comfortable silence between the two of you.

Lone Mountain Ranch offers a few packages; among them is a winter package. As an all inclusive, you’ll have access to a lot of the activities they offer and can tailor to your needs and wishes. Much like the Holualoa Inn, I think Lone Mountain Ranch offers so much beautiful scenery that I could be happy sitting anywhere with my husband, drinking it all in with a hot cup of coffee, preferably from the front porch, or even a window seat inside.

While a few of these cabins are originals, all of them have been carefully modernized and preserved over time. Like the Chipmunk Cabin in the photo above, most of the cabins have been updated in their design to be more current, timeless, and relevant. All of the cabins offer a wood fireplace, so you’ll get yet another chance to snuggle with your loved one. All of the bathrooms have the popular white subway tiles in their shower, while some offers the coveted claw-foot tub. I find that the best designed cabins out there are rustic but modern. A blend of both is a great way to avoid being out of date over time.

Most of these cabins sit right by the creek. I would definitely choose one of them because listening to the sound of the creek is relaxing to me. This could be one of the best mountain getaways of all.

What are some of your ideas for great romantic getaways?