Do you love to travel with your fur baby-ahem, I mean dog? So do I!

Not only am I a dog lover (I have two!), I have been bitten by the wanderlust bug. Going to the Appalachian Mountains has always been a favorite vacation spot for me here on the East coast. When I’m searching for dog friendly places to stay, I have noticed a lot of out of date homes that are looking a little too worn and old for me and I don’t mean it’s the traditional style or even stuffy. As an interior design snob, it’s a little hard for me to stay in places like that. As a dog owner, I do understand not wanting the dogs all over that new piece of furniture or rug. Even the best well-behaved dog will have an accident if you miss the signs he’s giving you or your fur baby doesn’t know how to tell you that he(I’m using he to just select a gender and because Taz is my favorite-shh, don’t tell!- and he’s a male.) doesn’t feel well.

Still, a woman wants to stay somewhere nice with her dog every now and then.

Fortunately, there are plenty of cabins all up and down the Appalachian Mountains that are well decorated or decorated well enough. Personally, I will have to choose cabins from this point on because Kali likes to talk- a lot. So, we can’t stay in hotels or bed and breakfast places, which are a little more tricky to find a well decorated places. For the fun of it, I wanted to further explore that angle.

Check the Pet Policy

When you researching a place to stay and your dog is tagging along with you, what you always want to do is check the pet policy. Some places are practically begging you to bring along your dog, others tolerate them just to get your business. Often you will find the pet policy under policies or accommodations tab, but there are occasions where it’s under the amenities section. Some places will have it in more obvious places and call that tab dog friendly. Those are the places I prefer to stay because the staff will more likely be dog lovers. Plus, it seems like the easier it is to find that particular tab, the more it feels like dogs really are welcome.

Once you find that tab, the next thing to check is breed restriction, which there rarely are. What you’re more likely to find is the use of common sense. If your dog is aggressive towards people or other dogs, don’t bring them to a hotel or a bed and breakfast. You’ll be asked to remove your dog from the premises. That’s a nice way of saying you’ll be kicked out and that’s a bit of a nightmare to deal with when you’re out of town. Instead, go to a cabin where you’re more isolated and it’s less of a problem.

Another thing to consider is how much does your dog like to share his opinion. Some dogs just naturally like to talk as if they like the sound of their own voices. Others bark and whine when they’re nervous about being in a new environment. As I mentioned earlier, Kali likes to talk, so hotels and bed and breakfast places are automatically out for us. This is another one where if the barking is excessive and disturbs other guests, you’ll be asked to remove your dog from the premises.

Majority of the hotels charge a fee for your dog to stay with you. Make sure you include that in your budget.

Finally, check if your dog is allowed to stay in the room without your presence. Some places are fine as long as they’re in a crate, others require that you take the dog with you. Check your schedule when planning the trip. Can you bring your dog with you everywhere you go? If not, make sure you consider a place that will be ok with the dog being in a crate.

Packing for Your Dog

Packing for your dog is like packing for a person. Every one of us has our needs and preferences. The more obvious things to pack would be food, food and water bowl, water, leash, doggie bags(it’s just good manner to clean up after your dog), treats- if necessary for training or if your dog gets one every day, like Taz getting a Denastix every morning,- bedding and the crate. Most places require dogs being in crate, so make sure you bring one. Also make sure you have all the pieces if you have one that requires assembly. I took Taz with us on our trip to Helen, GA and we forgot the door to the crate. Shortly after arriving, we tried to get him set up in the bathroom with the door shut. We needed to go get dinner. We were staying in a cabin, so barking wouldn’t be an issue, but he was scratching at the door pretty good. He ended up coming with us. We didn’t know of any dog friendly restaurants, so this was definitely poorly planned out on our part. Luckily we found a place where we could order take out. Otherwise, we would have gone to a little restaurant that sat next to a creek. Bummer about that but these things happen when traveling with a pet and you just have to be flexible about it.

Much like hotels do for humans, if you forget something for your dog, like a water bowl, they will have something to accommodate that. So there is no need to panic and rush out to a pet store that might be an hour away. Just go up to the front desk and ask if they have something that could work.


1)Barkwell; Mills River, NC $$$

For me, Barkwell is number one on the list because I’ve been dying to go there. This is probably one of the most dog friendly places I’ve come across. Even though these are cabins, Barkwell on this list because they’re set up to create a community amongst visitors as if you were staying in a resort.

While the decor is not the best, you can tell these cabins are new and well taken care of. None of them have more than 2 bedrooms and they come with their own fenced in yard, so you don’t have to worry about your dog wandering off. In fact, the entire place is fenced in at the property line. You can take your dog for a brief walk or a dip in the pond without worrying about them taking off into the woods. How great is that? Read more here about VIP (Very Important Pooches).

Located 30 minutes outside of Asheville, there will be plenty to do with your dog, from hiking to eating at a restaurant. Asheville is one of the most dog friendly city, so Fido is sure to enjoy his time with you.

2) Aloft; Asheville, NC $$

Aloft is another great place dog friendly place to stay. This one is located right in the heart of downtown Asheville, so you’ll be able to take your dog with you when you go out.

Something to keep in mind when planning a trip with your dog is the extra fees that will be charged if you want them to stay in your room. With Aloft, your dog gets to stay for free! That’s not the only fun perk! You can take your dog up on the rooftop. Granted it’s faux grass, but still, who doesn’t like going up on the roof? If that doesn’t cut it for you, there’s a dog park about 3 miles away. Click here for a little more info.

The interiors of this hotel is incredibly fun and modern. This place is fearless in their use of color as you can see in the image above of their king bed guest room. Plus, those mountain views(at least from this room) is incredible. There’s no shortage of places to hang out around this hotel. They have their own bar, which you’ll definitely need to hop on over to check it out. It looks like it’s just begging you to have a good time. And their front desk? Just so funky it makes me want to giggle! Check out their photo gallery here.

3) Hotel Fauchère; Milford, PA $$$

If you’re looking for a cute little town to get away to, this would be it. Milford, PA has no shortage of architecturally beautiful buildings, which makes for a perfect opportunity to meander around with your dog. Registered with the Historic Preservation Trust of Pike County, there’s a walking tour that will take you around to see up to 50 Victorian buildings.

While not all the rooms are dog friendly, Hotel Fachere is still a dog friendly accommodation as evidenced in the image above of the dog sitting on the bed. Read about their pet policies here.

All of these rooms are beautifully done in quiet color palettes, creating a restful place for you and your dog to retreat to. Decorated in a variety of warm beiges, these rooms are inviting with their pleated curtains and white comforters. The rooms area similar all across but designed in a way that it still honors the sense of history of the building and the town, which further adds to its charms.

4) Field Guide; Stowe, VT $$$

Known as a ski town, Stowe Vermont is the place you want to be during the fall and winter weather, so you may as well stay some place fun like the Field Guide Hotel. Located on the highest peak in Vermont, Mount Mansfield is sure to have stunning fall colors and plenty of snow- just a couple of things worth visiting for.

As with most hotels, not every room is dog friendly. While still luxurious looking, dogs are welcome in the three cottage suites. The image above is of Cottage Suite 2 and  is quite stunning for a dog friendly hotel space. I’m loving the velvety couch and the black out curtains paired with the modern coffee table and vibrant mid century orange chair. Designed by Rachel Reider, all of the rooms captures the essence of nature but with a fun, edgy twist- like that faux taxidermy over the fire place.

Dogs are, unfortunately, not allowed in any part of the building, so each of the cottage suites have their own entrance. Also, take note that according to their policies, pets can not be left alone in the rooms.

5) Barnsley Resort; Adairsville, GA $$$

Through out the years, Barnsley Resort has been named one of the most beautiful wedding venues and one of the most romantic weekend getaways. So you know you and your fur baby are in for a treat at this resort! This particular one is my favorite (image above). This cottage is epitome of romantic elegance. I love that it sits as if in the midst of nature in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by the beauty of trees and plants. This is a place you go for your honeymoon, romantic getaway, or simply for some peace and quiet. Best of all, it’s dog friendly!

Aside from this selective Arbor Cottage, there are a few suites and Estate Cottages that are dog friendly. There are acres of hiking available as well as an outdoor dining area. Dogs are welcome in the gardens along with the outdoor sitting area in front of the fire pits. Read more about their pet friendly policy here.

Each cottage and suite is well designed in the historical sense of the South but with a modern twist, like the image above. I love that wallpaper paired with the wainscoting and brass fixtures. The round mirror is a nice shape for the bathroom and plays off the curves of tub. Not only is it stylishly pleasing to the eye, it invites you to be comfortable. It seems that each building has a front porch for you and your dog to enjoy one of the most iconic moments of the South.

Do you have any dog friendly stylish places that you enjoy staying in? If so, let me know what I’m missing out on!!