Although I have seen this a million times on pinterest and a few times on other people’s blogs, I still love this bathroom.

Amber Interiors - Kohler - 1

All this pattern is a lot of fun to me. It’s playful, but grounded by the black color and the neutral brown in the mirror and the flower basket. And how fun is that rug?

Amber Interiors - Kohler - 3

That dresser adds a curated touch and gives the eye something solid and familiar to rest on. I love that even the pipe under the sink is a matching gold to the sink faucet. And it gives the space a little bit of a glamorous touch, which is why I love gold. I believe every room needs a little bit of a glamorous touch.

In my book, Amber Lewis is an expert on mixing patterns. She’s one of my go-to when I need pattern inspiration! Read her post here about the bathroom reveal.