Looking for a fresh way to add pops of color into your home?

Really go crazy with wallpaper.

Try this Cole & Son Circus wallpaper. I love how bold and daring this is. That lighting is a fantastic play on the geometric wallpaper. I find that stairways are another part of the house where you can put bold wallpaper up. It’s not a space where you lounge like you do in the living room, so you won’t get tired of it as nearly as quick. It’s like this comparison of your life- things that you don’t do near as often as you would like are fun. Like a glimp of part of your life as oppose to the day to day grind. Hallways, entryways, laundry rooms, and powder rooms are those fun glimps into your life. It should be reflected in your home. (Photo via Buzzfeed)

In the meanwhile, my wedding planning is going rather slowly. We want a small wedding. We just need to define small. Or rather I do. He’s not swaying from the idea of us eloping. As in just us two. I’m still leaning towards a small wedding- as in families included. And I am totally loving the idea of a rainforest wedding in Costa Rica. He’s on board with that. Stay tuned! Will it be a true elopement or will it be a small intimate wedding? And where in the world, literally, will we get married?