Italian fabric in a geometric pattern:

What immediately catches your eye here? For me, it was the orange curtains. Then it was the orange curtains paired with a geometric roman shade. The silk curtains are detailed with trims and the roman shades are made from Italian fabrics. Doesn’t that just sound dreamy? This is somehow refreshing to me. I thought at first it might be because usually the curtains are patterned and the roman shades are not, but after a little research, it’s not the case, though a lot of them are in the neutral colors. Maybe it’s the orange that I find refreshing. It’s also interesting to me how Cullman & Kravis have┬átaken the Phillip Jefferies wallpaper and turned it into an architectural detail. They have done a stunning job of mixing the contemporary in with the traditional. I’m not even sure how the orange curtains are not clashing with the contemporary art and still get pulled together with the traditional table and chairs. I’m still training my eyes to explain things like this to my brain. Any thoughts? ‘Cause I don’t have the words.


Photo via Houzz