This living room by Steven Gambrel is a bit of an inspiration for me. I’m currently trying to experiment with multiple colors in a room but yet pulling it all together. A room that could easily be chaotic but isn’t. The greens make the most sense here. It’s all tied in by the green in the art, the curtains, the stool and the area rug. The gray(or maybe it’s a light blue) in the wall, which acts as a neutral is paired with the gray chair by the desk towards the back and lends a hand to the super lovely blue chesterfield sofa and the sculpture next to it, though that may be a different shade in person. And the doors? The peach shade on them are a fun surprise and leads your eyes to the two chairs with its accent pillows and the pillows on the couch. And, of course, I love that the pattern in the carpet is reflected up in the ceiling in a larger scale.

Hopefully I pull my living room together as well as Steven Gambrel did. It is definitely a work in progress, but won’t be quite as elegant. What do you think of this living room?

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