Blue Bahamas Guest Bedroom |  “Charming wallpaper gives a room a special, tucked-away feel," says designer Amanda Lindroff, who applied a blue medallion print to the walls of this Harbour Island guest bedroom.:

What’s not to love about a light airy blue guest bedroom in the Bahamas? The pattern on the wallpaper really helps to drum up some fun, especially when it’s mixed with striped lampshades. I wish I could see a little more of the rattan headboard. I’ve been particularly appreciating rattan headboard-well, rattan everything- lately. I almost bought a rattan headboard off a Facebook group recently, but decided it really isn’t part of the look that I’m trying to go for right now. That white side table is quite nice. I find it refreshing for a change from the simple mid-century furniture. I’ve been trying to find a side table for myself in the living room and I want it to have a shape similar to this. A lot of the side tables are just simple and it’s simple to produce simple in mass production. Simple is not quite what I want right now. I also like this white side table because it makes me think of this project that I’m helping my mom with for her guest bedroom. I’m not sure how it’ll go, but I think the room needs white side tables. I’m planning on doing a before and after on this guest bedroom especially after the upcoming guests have seen it. Anyway, back to the Bahamas bedroom. The baskets on the side table are great for texture and storage. The maps over the beds look like fun- like not the typical maps- and I love that the mats are not white or black for a change while the white frames keeps it simple. Those shutters on the windows! You can’t do a home in the Caribbean and not have shutters on the windows. Loving the patterns on the bed. Wish I could see more.

Amanda Lindroth nailed it! Even the rest of the house is pretty fabulous. Get the rest of the tour here. She’s so good with this Caribbean and Palm Beach style, I’m about to move into all the homes she’s ever worked on.