First off, I’m obsessing over those leather chairs, but what’s silly is I can’t remember to memorize what these chairs are called. I’m adding that to my list of things to learn about. Certain leather shades on certain furniture forms adds a new level of sophistication to any room. A bulky blonde leather recliner is one of these no-no’s that doesn’t work. Ever.

Blonde leather in general just doesn’t do it for me. But a good sputnik lighting like this one over the dining table gets me. Not to mention that it’s gold. You can’t go wrong with gold. The sputnik chandelier adds glamour to the space while those leather chairs grounds it and adds an earthy touch. The pattern on the bench mixed with the beachy photograph adds some fun. Actually the pattern does make me think a little bit of when the waves crash on the beach, when the water level is irregular and pulls back into the ocean. Love how everyone looks like they’re having fun in the photo. How can you not be happy when you look at that? Let’s not forget about a little bit of luxe. Those round deep blue pillows look perfectly cozy and velvety. And grasscloth wallpaper. I love grasscloth wallpaper because it captures color and texture in an amazing way that I don’t think you can capture if you tried to paint and attempt a technique to get that look. Seafoam is one of my favorite colors. Usually it’s used as a calming effect, but it’s used to amp up the fun here. Did you noticed the floors? I wouldn’t want to put a rug on a herringbone floor either if I could help it.

Black Lacquer Design is the one behind this design. A lot of what Caitlin Murray believes in is that every room could use a little lacquer and a little black. I can’t disagree with that motto at all. Click here to see more of her amazing work.