I couldn’t decide whether to call this a winter inspiration or a Christmas inspiration. Seeing as I’ve been dreaming of a white Christmas for a few years now, I’ve decided to call this My Wintertime Muse.

As I write this, I can tell you now that if I had been just a few hours north with this weather, it’d be icicles and flurries. I love winter when it’s snowy- hate it when it’s brutally windy or rainy. I’d be happy to spend an hour or two out in the snow, just walking around in wonder or sledding and making snowmen. Wind and rain in the winter just makes me want to stay inside in front of a fireplace. It’s just so icky.

I know Taz misses the snow. He would get just as excited as me when it’s snowing. In fact, whenever the two of us would take walks, he’d be licking the snow as we went along. It definitely makes me wonder how Kali would react. I’ve been wanting to take my husband somewhere where there’d be beautiful snow, like Denver, Colorado. Sounds like I’d need to make a drive out of it so that Kali and Taz can join us.

These are my favorite images below that recreates how I feel about winter and gets me feeling inspired:

All of this has definitely got me in the mood to plan a winter trip, but not just yet! It’s not going to stop me from dreaming and browsing and selecting a few favorites, though!

One of my favorite parts about winter is cuddling up under a blanket and drinking something hot- anything from coffee to tea to hot chocolate. And of course, sitting by the fireplace. It just creates magic for me.

Where do you like to go vacation in the winter?

What creates magic for you?