Sorry that I have kind of fallen off the face of the Earth. So much stuff has been going on. Like, say, moving from a 724 square feet apartment to 890 square feet. This is a much more updated space, thank god. Coming home to an apartment that feels much more like a home is a comfort to the soul. Our rent had gone up to the point where it made sense to just move into a newer apartment for the same price. We have faux hardwood floors. It’s not vinyl, so it’s probably laminate. We actually have granite counter tops! How awesome is that? We have subway tiles for a back splash in the kitchen and the shower. All of our appliances are upgrades as well. So…it’s only logical that we upgrade our furniture, too, right? Good-bye, futon!

The first thing we did was buy a dining table, which surprised me since our main concern was a couch. For a while now, we had been using hand-me-downs from my fiancee’s grandfather, so I wasn’t as concerned about replacing something that had sentimental value. But my fiancee surprised me by falling for a wicker set. It’s got the clean lines and a glass top, which he loves. The wicker is dark brown and it’s not resin. I think the sales woman said it’s rattan, especially since she recommended that we did not put this furniture outside.

I don’t know if any of you might be familiar with Morris Sokol in Charleston, which is basically the best furniture store in town. It’s where we got the dining table set. The owner is retiring and everything had to go. They were restocking the store every few days and the two times we went, the sofas all sold out! Bummer. But we thought our dining table and 4 chairs were a steal at $1,500 for something that retailed at $3,000.



Sorry about the lousy pictures. A camera phone is all I have to work with right now. That and I obviously need more things for the wall, like some kind of gallery.

Wicker furniture are not just for the outdoors anymore. They’re gaining popularity indoor for its great texture and comfortable seating(obviously not for lounging.) Rattan in particular seems to be the most popular option. I think that has to do with it being more sturdier and easier to weave, whereas bamboo is hollow. Here’s a little more info.: And here’s some inspiration for bringing rattan indoor.

Ashlina has more lovely inspiration on her post here about decorating with rattan. I love how natural this dining room feels.

I love those hanging chairs but I’m so sure that I’ll be the one to break them!

Great example of mixing textures here.

Love how surprisingly inviting these chairs are.

Read her story of how this chair ended up in her house. It was amusing and I could relate…not that I go out and buy chairs like that.

Even Mark D. Stikes has a thing for wickers indoor.

Here’s a few places to get some rattan objects of your desire.

Anthropologie obviously have got a lot of great rattan chairs.

More mirror gallery ideas.

Texture on lamps are the greatest!

I’m noticing a trend on having rattan flower pots. That’s another great way to add in texture.

Here’s a couple of links to get a quick history on wicker and rattan furniture.

Designing Furnishings: The History of Rattan and Wicker Furniture.

Apartment Therapy: Quick History: Wicker Furniture

Get the book here.

And a quick word about our wedding. We have finally decided to do a planned elopement and honeymoon in Costa Rica!  I’ve already got a dress picked out! It’s set for April and I’m really starting to look forward to it.