Hey guys! I have finally emerged from the depths of the ocean. So much happened this month that we’re only just now catching our breath and starting to enjoy ownership of our first house.

I must confess. I was not able to get pictures of the house all freshly painted before moving in boxes. The family members we called on to help us move do not mess around. We were only going to have them help move the big things, like the couch and this monster of a beautiful hutch. Well, one thing led to another and before I knew it, in about two hours, all of my things were packed up. We moved almost everything in one day! Once everyone got in the house to check out the new paint job, they were ready to unload in time for lunch. Of course, we ordered pizza.

Since I was not able to get photos of empty freshly painted rooms, I decided to give you peeks of what I did: painted ceilings. You’ll also see some wall and trim colors. Jon and I wanted to branch out and not do the typical white ceiling and trim and we love it!

Except for in bedrooms, this house has no molding up by the ceiling. We were a little torn between carrying the wall colors up onto the ceiling, or breaking it up and defining it with a different color. We thought it would create more interest to add more color.

I am in love with this wall color that I chose for the master bedroom. To me, it was just the right shade of blue to remind me of the sky and of some far away Caribbean waters that I’ve never been to. I feel like this is just the right shade of blue to go a little global with touches of nature, which is my vision for not only the master bedroom, but throughout the house.

I knew from the beginning that this emerald green ceiling in the hallway and the laundry room (you’ll get a peek below.) would be one of these love/hate things about the house. Fortunately, I love it enough that I don’t care if someone hates it.

I had a guest stay with us a couple of weekends ago, so this guest bathroom is basically the most completed room in the house- not that it takes long to set a bathroom up. Still, I imagine I’ll be adding some more touches to it.

Lighting is amazing. My gray trim looks more purpley here than anywhere else in the house and I think it’s because it was paired up with another gray.

Again, none of these ceilings are white. They vary in very light grays.

There’s that emerald green ceiling again!! It really adds some fun and coziness to what would otherwise have been a super dark and boring space.

I’ll be sharing my paint selections in another post soon. Have you done dark trims and colorful ceilings before?