If you follow me on Instagram, then you’ve seen sneak peeks of my master bedroom. It’s a long ways from being finished. For someone who finally jumped on the Instagram bandwagon just recently, I thought the sneak peeks were well received, so I decided to share more here on the blog.

It’s been a long time dream of mine to own a house and be able todo whatever I wanted to it. The first thing I did? Paint. Paint has the power to transform a space, so I painted almost every inch of my house in cohesive shades of blues, greens, and grays. I will be honest, I have no idea how dark trims do in regards to the resale value of a home and we might sell the house one day. Luckily, I love it so much that at the moment, I don’t care! You know what they say…once you go dark, you can’t go back!

We’re not here today to talk about the resale value of a home, though it may very well be a topic worth visiting one day. We’re here to see a slightly transformed master bedroom. Let’s start with the before image. (Click here to see more of the house.)

Overall, it was a very nice space. In fact, if I wasn’t obsessed with interior design (or the need to be creative), I might have been happy to live with it as is. Welp, that’s not me, folks! That green was a nice shade and everybody loves a good white trim. But that carpet. It’s so basic. Yes, people, I am a rug and carpet snob because I work in a high end rug and carpet store. Unfortunately for now, the carpet is not going anywhere. Let’s ignore that and focus on the overall design scheme.

I wanted my room to make me feel inspired, but relaxing. I wanted it to be a space that incorporated texture and pattern. It needed to engerize me in the morning and unwind me at night. It would be a place to keep all of my meomories and keepsakes while maintaining a global vibe.

Bed and side table in master bedroom

I decided on this shade of blue, specifically because it made me think of the Caribbean waters. Don’t ask me why since I’ve never even see Caribbean waters, but it gives me the global appeal I was looking for, even if it’s all only in my head.

This wall paint is called Ethereal Mood by Behr. The trim is Sherwin Williams’ Storm Cloud and the ceiling is Sherwin Williams’ North Star. If you’re looking for more information on the other paints I chose for the house, visit this post.

Bed and side table in master bedroom

And at long last, as promised, here are some photos of this side table that I had refinished all pretty and styled up. Originally I was going to place this in the guest bedroom, but no one has visisted in a while and my room needed one, so I decided to move it around. Plus, I wanted to see if a side table in dark wood would work in this space. I had been considering a few options like this, this, this and this. I was thinking of something dark, like black or navy, and something with a little bit of interest to them like a bamboo look or something a little french. Now I’m open to doing a darker wood in there. Either way, it adds a little moodiness and global appeal.

Side table in the master bedroom

Side table in the Master Bedroom

Bed in a blue master bedroom

That gorgeous bedspread is from Anthropologie, which is sadly no longer available. That upsets me as I was hoping to buy a replacement. Kali ramdonly one day decided that a corner of this quilt looked quite delicious. At least, if I play around with it, tucking in the corner, it can be hidden.

Master bedroom

As much as I love having all these windows, it can still be pretty bright. Our bedroom is towards the front of our house and faces the street. Unfortunately, I have a street light directly across the road. As you see in the before photo, I’ve got an arch at the top that is not covered with anything, not even a blind, so at night, the lights shine in. My neighbor slightly to the left has got some bright front porch lights. Even though he’s older, he’s either out late some nights, or expecting company- or I’ve wondered if he just plain forgets about it. I’m going to hang some curtains in here. I’d love for it to be a little darker at night. I’ve really been eyeing this one

side table in a master bedroom

Vignette on a bedroom dresser

This dresser piece is something that I’m going to tackle one day. I’d like to paint it this time and get new hardware. It’s missing a few pieces.

Christmas tree in a bedroom corner

My little Charlie Brown Christmas tree that I’ve had forever! No, this little thing is not still up. I snapped photos on a good sunny day over one of the holiday weekends.

Sweet Dreams pillowcases with tufted headboard and three photos above it in a blue bedroom

The photos over my lovely headboard are from our Costa Rica trip. I can’t remember where I got the Sweet Dreams pillow cases, but I love them! I sleep on the “sweet” side, which my husband says suits me more and he sleeps on the “dreams”. The irony of that is he doesn’t dream but on super rare occasions. 

I’ve got a lot of wall space, so I have room to grow another wall gallery and I have room for a couple more pieces of furniture. All in good time!

By the way, I’ve just joined Google + and Tumblr. Join me if you’re there!