A rustic glam fall floral tablescape featuring a bold floral pumpkin centerpiece, acacia wood chargers, black and white striped dinner plates and leaf salad plates paired with vintage gold flatware. A colorful, metallic glam look perfect for any fall dining table.

You may have noticed I haven’t been blogging as much this month. Even with hobbies, I need to step back and take a break to prevent myself from getting too burnt out.

This month was more about some self-reflecting moments. I had wanted to step back from blogging to read some more books, which is currently Decorative Carpet and Made to OrderĀ as well as some light hearted reading by Rick Riordan. If you haven’t read his stuff, you should! He’s fantastically sarcastic and he’s a teaser. A very funny guy.

I also wanted to re-evaluate my blog. Don’t worry. It won’t be a dramatic change. It’s more of a decision to write a few more longer posts and trying to add a little more of my personal touch. Nothing too deep but as a way to help me find my voice and a niche beyond just interior design (like Justina Blakeney’s Junglaow), which is a little hard to do when you’re trying to figure out your personal interior design style. I know what I love, but that doesn’t mean it’s going to be my style, especially while I’m living with my husband who prefers a more simple, clean look. It definitely has help me to appreciate it more.

How about eating healthy? Maybe we shouldn’t even start on that. Let’s just say I struggle. A lot. Usually it’s nothing to pick up a new habit. Not this one. However, I think it has more to do with breaking out of one- all those unhealthy junk and processed food(or at least less processed food). Why are junk food so good??

Anyway, here’s a good monthly round up for you.

1)I love a good quote, but even more, I love a good interior design quote and there’s 10 good ones listed here. They can also be seen as good design advice.

2)Can you believe this is a dentist office? I’d come by more often if my dentist decorated the place like this.

3)I need to get this for myself. It’s funny and it’s a great reminder to myself to kick ass and not worry about other people.

4)This is one of the most beautiful and glamorous fall tablescape I’ve ever seen and I honestly can’t get enough of it.

5)I thoroughly enjoyed this interview by Interior Style Hunter with Barbara Sallick. I think bathrooms get treated as an after thought, but it’s a space that deserves attention to detail for all the time we spend in it.

6)Anything Jonathon Adler does is magic. He’s got impeccable taste in the mid century style. So when his Director of Interior does his own place, you know it’s bound to be as good and I was not disappointed. In fact, I want to move right on in.

7)Tasteful boutique hotels are popping up all over the place and this one is no exception. Love all the colors where most would be neutral and traditional.

8)We’re always in need of a good tip in styling our coffee table, but this one was different in that they offer ideas based on decorating style. I’d say I’m a new Traditional off this list. What about you?

9)My Paradissi shared this quote and it struck a chord with me. I know I’m a mountain to conquer myself and project that’s continuously in work. It reminds me not to be quick to judge other people’s action. Everyone has their own mountain to conquer.

10)I can be a procrastinator at times, so this art print about tomorrow is hilarious to me.

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