I’m still dreaming about lush rainforests and crowd-less beaches. We just bought our airplane ticket from Delta via Skyscanner for a much better deal than I would have gotten from AAA. Like a little over $600 better. Anyway, let’s not get our blood boiling over that. Here’s a few fun things regarding Costa Rica.

1) This is basically what set me on my wedding path.

2) I’m glad that The English Room brought to my attention that this was the Year of the Monkey. What are the odds that it’s very fitting for my wedding? Plus, got love for all those wallpapers.

3) I came across Jojotastic’s posts about her trip to Costa Rica with the travel agency that we’re working with. I’m so glad to hear that she had a great time there and that Anywhere Costa Rica was great to work with. Check out part 1, part 2, and part 3.

4) Found this stunning rental home on A Beautiful Mess. It doesn’t disappoint and it doesn’t take away from the views.

5) I enjoyed this post about a few designs thoughts in Costa Rica. I particularly love all the colors.

6) I designed this mood board on Olioboard based on my inspiration of Costa Rica, though now I know what I didn’t know then- Ticos mostly prefer simplicity.

7) We’ll have to visit the Caribbean side of Costa Rica next time.

8) I really like this artwork by SaltWaterSurfArt, who resides in Carolina Beach, but takes trips and paints her interpretations, which I thoroughly enjoy. Here’s my second favorite.

9) Here’s a couple of fun tips on what to pack for Costa Rica by Free People and I’d Absolutely Love To.

10) Highly interesting and entertaining post of top ten things about living in Costa Rica. Gonna have to find a grocery store to go to.

I’m probably not done driving you guys crazy about Costa Rica yet.