Brooklyn Decker's house in Texas

What is there to say about August? At my first glance back, August was overall uneventful. A quiet ending to a hot summer-but surprisingly not scorching. We barely got into the 100’s this year and we are already cooling off for fall. I have spent a couple of weekends with my mom, shopping to get her guest bedroom together for a bit of an upgrade. It mostly came together. The side tables, though, were delayed. It was in stock, but unable to ship out in time. Mom loved them enough to wait for them. Otherwise, once we got the things into the bedroom, she decided the bed linens needed to be upgraded as well. We’ve been searching for something good. The guests came in over the weekend. At least the guest bedroom was mostly ready for them. GDC Home had a good sale over the weekend. Jon and I walked away with a bit of an unexpected piece for the living room. I plan to do a post on that soon. Taz turned 9 this month. Seriously, where is that foundation of eternal youth? He needs to stop growing old. Is there a dog version of Peter Pan? He’s been in my life since he was 4 months old and I would have no idea how to live without him. On second thought, August has always been about subtlety.

1)Someday, I’m going to have a mountain home and it’s going to have glorious outdoor space like this with spectacular views that I could stare at all day. For now, this outdoor space designed by Mary Mac & Company will keep my dreams alive.

2) I’m not typically the kind of girl who keeps up on her nails every week, or however often you’re suppose to do it. I chip my nail paints too much to bother, but man. If there was a nail salon like this in town, I might change my mind.

3) I love a good round up on equestrian related home decors.

4) I’m not sure how practical a chair a peacock chair is- after all, it looks a little tricky to try curling up with a good book in it, but I have fallen in love with them. Their shape is fabulous and it fits in a good coastal or bohemian room. I know they’re not always cheap, so I appreciated this find by Copy Cat Chic.

5) Design mantras are a good thing to go by. It gives you a guideline so you know just where to break the rules. It also keeps you feeling inspired and keeps you on track with your vision.

6) I’m slowly working on collecting good art that I love and these are great tips!

7) Interior Design is a business and this is a brieft insight to how one interior designer does business.

8) I’m a Leo ¬†and I do love golden elements and an eccentric space. What’s your decorating horoscope?

9) A refreshing reminder to just do what you love with your blog and do it with quality. In blogging, quantity doesn’t get you as far.

10) I still love this blue kitchen. It’s got the perfect mixture of texture, though personally it’s too much marble. I love all the different hardwares and the marble gives it just the right amount of glamour. It’s a great use of pipe hardware with the rustic open shelves. And art in the kitchen! You can never go wrong with art in the kitchen.

Was the decorating horoscope as true for you as it was for me?