World Market is like eye candy to me. I could go in that store and browse for an hour or two. In fact, that’s kind of what I did this past weekend. Ok, so two hours might be a slight exaggeration.

Our hairpin leg bench inspires a boho vibe with its cushioned seat covered with handwoven rug-like fabric in a Southwest print. >> #WorldMarket Living Room:

This bench caught my eye as I was walking in the store. The colors are just amazing! It’s just a shame that it’s not the right colors for the apartment. I don’t the southwestern vibe would fit anywhere.

Built using simple, modern lines, this eclectic Chindi bench nods to the vibrant and colorful culture of India. Chindi is a sustainable design tradition that repurposes leftover fabric into practical home items. Handmade in Jodhpur, no two benches are exactly alike due to the nature of the recycled Chindi materials. Place one in your entryway or use it as a dining bench to add color and character to your space.:

This was right next to Calypsa bench. While it’s fun, it doesn’t look like it could support much weight and I’m a little bit practical about my things. But it makes for some amazing texture!

With its dramatic cropping and striking subject - the steady gaze of a majestic buck - this exclusive piece by Liz Jardine will transform your space with statement-making style.:

I saw this deer art online before and liked it, but I loved it when I saw it in person. Sometimes you just can’t shop online. I think my sister and her husband would like this somewhere in their little place, too.

One of my favorite discoveries at Watercolor Pug by Anna Dusza:

Have you noticed that there’s a ton of dog prints at World Market? I love that you could just make a cute little collection out of it!  I could totally see this imaginary wall gallery on my youngest sister’s wall (where there’s no more room in real life) or even my aunt, who has a grooming business.

Featuring a plush, natural-toned faux fur top inspired by the flokati wool shag rugs of Greece, our fun and modern hardwood footstool is ideal in front of an accent chair or at the foot of a bed.:

I’ve been eyeing this furry stool for a while, but I’m not sure that I can pull the trigger. Again, it’s that practical side of me. It’s a little short to use as an extra seating and I really don’t need a foot stool. I’m not sure I have room for this in the bathroom.

One of my favorite discoveries at Glass Curio Box:

I seriously thought about buying this. I have a wall display where I hang some of my jewelry and have really enjoyed seeing my jewelry on display, which I never did before I bought it.

One of my favorite discoveries at Tribal Drum Table Lamp Shade:

The pattern is pretty awesome. It’s tribal but simple enough. I’m seriously disappointed that this lampshade won’t be able to work our lamp base. Should I get it and save it for a rainy day?

Inspired by the clean European design of the 20th century, our petite hairpin side chairs boast a spacious and comfortable molded seat. >> #WorldMarket Retro Revival:

This rattan dining chair looks fabulous, but is not comfortable enough for me. 90% of the time, I’m all about comfort. But this chair sure is stylish.

One of my favorite discoveries at Joyye Hand Painted Ceramic Muffin Pan:

I almost bought this gorgeous muffin pan. It’s not that expensive. I don’t know why I left the store without it. Don’t know what’s wrong with me. Can’t stop thinking about it. Must go back.