How was everyone’s Christmas? Mine went very well. Well, I did have a moment of stress and anxiety that I wasn’t going to get everything done in time for the lunch I was hosting for my husband’s family. Luckily, it all worked out and my first ham turned out very good. I used this recipe and I have to say the apple cider maple glaze was a refreshing change from honey glazed (I still love my father in law’s pineapple hams- those are the best!)- not that I’m hating on it because I love honey! In fact, I recently bought bourbon-infused honey at the Vintage Market Days of Charleston.

Speaking of interesting mixes, I recently made my very first red wine hot chocolate. I know- it’s so last year. Can’t help it. I’ve only got so much time and because of that I’m not quick to jump on the trending bus. I just hop on when I’m in the mood. I chose a pinot noir because it was what I already had on hand. Next time, I will try the suggested cabernet sauvignon. I’m not sure if it’s this particular pinot noir with my taste buds, but it didn’t quite hit the spot for me, even though I enjoy it as a stand alone glass of wine.

Have you tried Pillsbury’s Red Hot Cocoa Cinnamon Rolls? I loved it! Especially with the marshmallow flavored icing. Can you tell I’ve had nothing but delicious edibles on my mind lately?

Here’s what else has been on my mind this month:

1)Take a tour of William Peace of Peace Design’s Montana Mountain home. Be sure to notice some of the southwestern rugs- I think they’re pretty cool!

2) I’m a Leo. My husband is a Gemini. Here’s what we need in our home according to our zodiac sign– and I sure do have some big mane to style!

3) I’m determined to start on my raised bed garden next year. These are some good tips I’ll have to keep in mind if I’m to add more raised beds.

4) This might be slightly late, but I had to share something for the holiday seasons.

5) Meredith Heron is one of my favorite designers. I thoroughly enjoyed this interview.

6) This is also a little bit late as we’re now past fall and getting into the heart of winter, but I still had to share a little bit of woodland magic.

7) This maximalist interior designer’s portfolio is amazing.

8) Here’s what you can grow in your greenhouse during winter to keep up on your veggies.

9) I have been on a kick lately for historical fictional stories on royalties. Have you seen The Crown? It’s about the current Queen Elizabeth and her story of inheriting the crown.

10) Another way I’m getting my fix is by reading these books by Philippa Greggory. She writes about the era around the Tudor era, which we know revolves around a lot of drama and makes for an entertaining read.

What kept you busy this December?