It’s been a while since I had to raise a puppy. Say, about 9 years. It’s a little different, too, raising a pup out in the country versus in the suburban. So, I apologize for not being as regular around here as I had hoped to be. Kali is a loving, but demanding puppy. Rottweilers in general are usually demanding, but the poor thing has been going through a urinary infection, so that’s been putting a damper on house breaking her. As much joy and frustration as she’s been bringing us, I know we’ll get there. Anyway, check out what I’ve been digging this month:

1)This just might be one of the coolest DIY I’ve seen in a while, particularly involving an alligator pattern.

2)When trying to chase a dream, it’s hard to know when you’re qualified for the job or not. This post struck a chord with me- I’m qualified if I say I’m qualified. Just eventually got to back it up.

3)Roman shades are oh so tailored, but oh so expensive. I’ve been thinking about doing a faux version.

4)This couple ditched the typical RV for road tripping and opted for a Chevy Silverado. Talk about taking only what you need. While it’s admirable, I’m not quite sure I could do it with a truck.

5)Check out this cool, dark edgy tiny home. Not only does it scream cozy, it’s full of fun attitude.

6)┬áThere’s not much that sounds more romantic than restoring an 1850’s Greek Revival home, especially when you add in the modern twists. (Just kidding, I know it’s but rewarding grunt work.)

7)Most wall galleries could use something a little more 3-D than just picture frames. Been thinking about adding this fella to the wall.

8)Even dogs go to work in the interior design field. Loved reading about a day in Addie’s life.

9)I love the fun and unexpected use of color in this home. It’s fun yet soothing.

10)I just bought this quilt and I’m in love! I can’t wait to finish pulling the room together to show it off to you!

What have you been into this past month? Also, let’s connect on Bloglovin’!!