How’s 2018 treating you so far? Hopefully better than it has me.

I’m sure some of you know the pains of having wisdom teeth removed, so let’s not even go there. I will say the hardest thing for me was not being allowed to use a straw when my face was swollen like a chipmunk. There’s no dignity to be found when you have to lean over a sink to drink and half of it dribbles out of your mouth like you’re drooling. I’m pretty sure my husband was secretly laughing at me.

And then about a week ago, we noticed a little frost on our air conditioning unit. We thought maybe it was because it was a little nippy out. After doing some research and asking around, we got a guy out to look at it. Welp. He told us this thing was twelve years old and basically on its way out.

*face palm plant*

Yay, homeownership.

But at least our bill go down and our home will be running efficiently again. And at least the savings we should get will essentially pay itself off on the HVAC system.

Our HVAC comes with a smart home touch: EcoNet. It’s a similar option to the Nest, only you can control heating, cooling and water all on one device. We’re slowing turning this house into a smart home and I’ve been thinking of doing a series on the items we get. Does that sound like anything that you would be interested in?

Snow from earlier this month in Charleston will definitely be a fun, memorable event for us. There hadn’t been real snow in the area since 1989. Can you imagine that a lot of kids were seeing snow for the first time and making their first snowmen? I loved seeing everyone’s snowmen. All of them were unique in their own way. It’s funny, though. It’s typically traditional to dress your snowman up in winter clothes. Well, we’re so far south, I know a few people who don’t even have proper winter clothes. The snowmen made do with regular baseball hats and sunglasses. I should have taken a picture of a few.

Let’s check out what else got my attention this month:

1)Everyone, myself included, is in love with Hilary Duff’s fun kitchen. Those Ann Sacks tiles totally makes the kitchen.

2) Designed by Rita Konig, this is a home that I have seen over and over again somewhere in the internet world and I still love the fresh traditional style this home has.

3) I must be on a kick for a fresh twist on traditional designs. I am beyond head over heels for Cameron Kimber’s blue and green guest bedroom.

4) If you’re a horse lover, you’ll appreciate this short story about a man’s journey with wild horses in the Black Hills.

5) I couldn’t not love this post. I’ll always love anything to do with Costa Rica and coffee. Especially if they’re in the same context.

6) Oh, I think I know where this cute houseboat is located, but when you’re on the Ravenel bridge, there’s so much to look at, I get distracted. I might be forever looking for it.

7) During the winter season, it’s a tricky time for me to keep plants alive. These are some excellent tips, music included. Now if I could come across a good one specifically for ferns…

8) Ever since starting my job at a high end rug and carpet store, I’ve been spoiled. I can’t go to target and buy one of their rugs. It’s not good enough anymore. I’m officially a rug snob. These are fabulous examples of how beautiful rugs with a good quality-mostly handknots- can make a room.

9) I enjoy interviews with interior designers and this one with Mark D. Sikes is no exception. It’s a great way to get insight from other interior designers. I’ve been thinking about doing that as a series on here. Would that be something you’d like to read?

10) Looking for art with your significant other? Are you both opinionated about your taste in art? Then don’t miss these great tips on buying together!