My blog is called The Indigo Lattice for two simple reasons- ok, maybe one complicated (hey, we can’t all be simple), one simple reason.

Complicated reason #1: I love blue in general. I don’t think I’ve ever met a shade of blue I didn’t like. The Blue Lattice sounded so generic and something even I would lose interest in over time. So, I decided to go with a specific shade of delicious blue. It came down to navy and indigo. There is just something about the word “indigo” that evokes my imagination.

Indigo Bedroom by sainsbury's autumn winter 2014

Simple reason #2: I love lattice patterns. It can range from busy to simple. There are so many ways to go with it. See the photo below for an example of a busy lattice pattern. That’s a great looking kitchen by Tom Scheerer.

Tom Scheerer Decorates via La Dolce Vita

As much as I love the House of Turquoise, my blog will not be dedicated to all these shades of blue. That’s not to say you won’t see biased preferences. The blog will not be dedicated to just lattices either. I think that would be a hard topic to blog solely on. The purpose of this blog, as new to this as I am (Hi! Newbie here!), is for me to explore the details behind beautiful homes. As this blog is going to have some growing pains, I’m not sure that I’ll be exploring such things as blueprints and electrical wiring. If I go to school for interior design, that may change. We’ll just see. I’ve been doing my research. I’ve been reading books and blogs. I’ve taken a basic interior design class. I’m not completely clueless. But, if I’ve shared some misinformation, please do let me know.

Now, for a few fun random facts about me. I’m not a morning person and I take comfort in my daily morning coffee. Milk and sugar, please!

Cakes. I love cakes. If you were to judge me by my pinterest account, you might say I’m a tad bit obsessed. Unfortunately, my kitchen is not big enough to support cakes as a weekly hobby. Just as well. My jeans couldn’t take it.

I love burning candles. I’m currently burning the scent Mistletoe from Yankees Candle. I have about four more varieties of scents in my closet.

I love to read. Always have. I don’t think there’s ever been a time in my life when I didn’t have a reading list. Don’t ask me to choose a favorite. Just don’t. You’ll get a list.


Do you have the travel bugs? I do. I love to travel, but like most people, I haven’t had the chance to really travel. I’ve seen pretty much all of the east coast, parts of the country, but not the west coast or anywhere out of the country.

If you have a topic challenge for me(nothing on construction, please), or rooms or designers to feature in my blog, just let me know.

My name is Michelle. It’s very nice to meet you!