Have you ever woken up one morning just ready for something more sophisticated, something that would take you to the next level?

That would me, coffee in hand.

I needed to reinvent myself. My blog needed to be rebranded.

I had been ready for a little while with this blog. It took a little time- I wanted to take a little time- to pinpoint the direction I wanted to go in. First, I decided I needed a name that sounded more grown up and more sophisticated than The Indigo Lattice. While it was a good starting point and a reflective point of who I was, that was no longer me. Now this blog has been called The Beautiful Elements.

The next thought was what was going to be my main goal in creating content? I knew I wanted to continue interior design. I’ve got a huge thing for it and it’s not going away (for that matter, neither has my love for horses, but that’s another story). Since moving into my new house, I’ve wanted to cover more things. I’ve wanted to cover gardening topics as I’ve got a lovely yard now and I’m learning the names of these plants as they bloom. I’ve used this blog as a way to grow and explore my knowledge of interior design and wanted to do the same with gardening.

While I’m unfortunately am not doing a lot of traveling now, I still wanted to be able to touch on the subject, share places I’ve stumbled across, places that’s on my travel bucket list and so on. It’s a big beautiful world out there and I’ve been bitten by that wanderlust bug. I also wanted to be able to have a space to share parts of my life, like the day we brought Kali home. Although the photos weren’t great, who doesn’t love seeing puppies?

My final step was that I needed a more professional looking website. So welcome! Take a look around and let me know what you think!

Via Success

Reinventing yourself is not easy, but it’s fun. Figuring out who we are as an individual and/or a brand is one of the hardest things to do in life, but it’s how you perceive yourself and how you want others to see you. It’s how you treat yourself that sets the bar for others. A brand is like a division, a limb of yourself. It’s not going to succeed unless it’s reflective of who you are. Getting to know yourself can be as fun as getting to know others. As an introvert- an INFP– I take joy in doing such activities. I don’t mind sitting there, letting my mind wander. Who am I? Who do I want to be? What am I doing with my life and where do I want to go from there?

Although I did not do any of this, there are plenty of books out there that covers such topics. I once read this book called What Color Is Your Parachute? (This is not an affiliate link. There are none in this post.) I’ll need to read and do the activities of the more recent publication as I read an older one, this such book is excellent in delving into who you are and what you should be doing.

Another way to figure out how to reinvent yourself is to take note- but don’t copy- those who you admire. Take note of what it is that they’re doing and what aspect of their personality you’re drawn to. There are several people that I think are funny or creative with their words. While I can never be who they are, I can still try throwing in a joke or two. I can still try and be creative in the way I say things.

Rebranding my blog means figuring out what I want to be known for. I want to be known for having good sources of inspiration for interior design followed by gardening and travel (maybe those two not necessarily in that order). While these will still pop up, I do NOT want to be known for white interiors. I want to be known for COLOR! Color is what makes me happy. So then why don’t I have more color on my blog? Because I noticed that most blogs I’m drawn to are clean and simple, which is great because you want readers to be drawn to the content, not the overall web design. Rebranding is also figuring out what your audience needs.

Something that has been very helpful to me in figuring out that aspect is the Epic Blog planner. I’ve been able to take my time working through this planner and really think some things through. It’s definitely helps to write your goals down on paper. I’m not in the habit of this yet, but I’m going to start doing it. Seeing your goal written down on paper helps to make it tangible. My main goal was to get this new blog launched by the end of the year and I’ve done it! It also helped me to write out a mini-business plan. Good thing it suggested filing it out in pencil because I could see some of it changing.

If you need some quick inspiration, as you’ve seen from the quotes I’ve shared, Success has got a few good inspiring ones.

What has helped you in reinventing or rebranding yourself?