I’m in love with this charmingly rustic home and clearly, so was the owner.

“I had $60 in my pocket, and I gave it to him as a deposit,” says Hadar, who is divorced and has two teenage children. “It was insane. I had no idea how much I might be overpaying—there was no inspection or anything—but I knew it was perfect. And he could see it was my intention to restore the place, which was important to him.” –Elle Decor

This dining room had captured my attention. Once I saw it, I had to see more. I mean, the white-washed window trims, the wooden plank ceilings, and stones in place of a regular chair rail. That blue dining table! Because let’s not forget how much I love blue. Did you notice that all the chair cushions are in different colors? Love that little surprise. Virginia Tupker did a very nice job here.

The living room in the above photo is a nice surprise to me. This is not a home where you expect a little bohemian to come into play. The pattern mix on the couch is amazing! The chandelier is fun. It actually makes me think of green wine or beer bottles. There’s good texture mix with that rattan swinging chair and the sheepskin throw paired with a pop of red to pull your eyes over there.

And then you get to this photo of the sitting room above and it’s got touches of midcentury to it. According to the Elle Decor article, those pairs of chairs are made by Pierre Jeanneret. I have never really thought of associating midcentury with a French guy, but why not? We already love a bunch of their stuff. I notice that there’s a window off to the right that seems to peek into the horses’ barn. You know I would have loved to have seen that. Anyway, more pattern love on the couch. Love that the striped rug gives it a casual look.

Can you believe this home is only an 1870’s carriage house? Get more here.