I just realized the other day that I have been blogging for a year. Yes, it’s not been super regular, but I’m getting there. Yay me!

Anyway, the point of this post is that every now and then I come across awesome homes and I want to share them here.

First up is The Firefly in Panama. This little bed and breakfast sounds like the perfect getaway. If you’re a foodie or an adventurous looking for a little something off the beaten path, this sounds like the place to go. I think I’m sold! Get more of the tour here.

A Farmhouse with a Modern Twist - 1

A Farmhouse with a Modern Twist - 2

How about this South African home? It’s pretty cool that it looks so modern on the outside, but you get inside and though it’s still modern, you’ve got some some of that rustic farm house touch to it. I’m loving that pop of yellow from the shelf niche in the wall with the wood ceiling beams. Here’s the tour.

In the family room, overlooking Lake Joseph, upholstered furnishings and understated hues create a mood of ease and comfort.

My favorite color combination right now is orange and blue. I’ve got a little bit of that going on in my home. But, some of the orange here looks a little more like coral, which is close enough for me. This is a very pretty home that’s still serene with all the pops of colors that it has going on. Check out the tour here.

Tour a colorful apartment in Paris

Tour a colorful apartment in Paris

This is a pretty bold home for an apartment in Paris and I think that’s pretty cool, especially when most Parisian apartments are white and more muted and that’s why this one grabbed my attention. I particuarly love the color combination in the first photo above. The red bedroom is super bold. I’m not sure I could live with so much red. I really only like pops of it. Do check out the rest of it here.

What did you think of these homes?