You must be as thoroughly convinced as I am: 2017 was an off year. There were dramas, crises, problems and changes all up and down the aisle, all over the map. Even for me, personally, so much was going on that keeping up on my intentions for 2017 was a fail.

Now, regarding potential health problems, I must crack down on 3 of 5 of my original intentions. I did fairly well with my eating habits, especially from May up til October. Out went my good intentions, in came bad (but oh, so delicious!) food. And weight gain.

I know you’ll all agree fun time is over with the start of the New Year. Considering how 2017 went (although it was a great year for my day job), 2018 is going to be a year of self-love and self-care.

Speaking of self-care, my boss gave me a gift card to Urban Nirvana, intending for me to get a massage. The thing is, I’m funny about people touching me and he knows it. I’m debating on whether or not to use this as an exercise on getting out of my comfort zone and giving it a try. What are your thoughts on this?

My thoughts on my intentions have not veered off in a major direction:

  1. Go to the gym two or preferably three times a week and comfortably lift 50 lbs. (I am almost there! I really need to crack down on a plan to take this more seriously. Maybe think about going more often?)
  2. Do cardio two to three times a week, like walking/running with Taz and Kali. (I was inserting yoga at this point, but I can never seem to squeeze it in. I will need to figure out how to re-arrange my schedule to make it work because I do love yoga!)
  3. Eat better by learning about healthy food and clean eating. Start by planning out meals or at least dinner. (This is the big one that I need to focus on.)
  4. Travel to one new place. (Does moving into my new house count for 2017? Probably not. Sometimes you have to temporarily sacrifice one dream to achieve another.)
  5. Blog once a week and work back up to twice a week. (Life really got in the way of this one, but I’m getting back into the rhythm of it.)
  6. Create better content. (Before I was mostly blogging for myself, writing to get it out of my system. Now I want to do better to inspire people to live their life beautifully.)

I know it hasn’t changed much, but they are the main priorities that I must focus on year after year and every New Year’s intentions brings a renewed determination to follow through. I am determined to do better than ever.

What’s on your list of things to achieve this year?