I don’t know exactly what it is about arch doors and windows that makes my heart melt. Maybe it’s because it has a European touch. I believe this trend started in Rome. Maybe because it’s what you picture in fairy tale homes. Maybe it’s because I think they’re inviting. It could have a lot to do with the fact that it’s not standard here in America and it makes me appreciate arches that much more.


Apparently this is from Better Homes & Garden, but I can’t find it. However, I love this cottage look and the arch door just completes it!

How perfect are these french doors? Look how they just invite you in. This was part of a house that Mike D. Sikes lived in.

Suzanne Kasler bedroom with blue wall color

I love everything about this bedroom. The wonderful bonus is, of course, the arch windows.

Living room by Steven Gambrel. I love that the arch windows have a touch of color on them. Although a little formal for my taste, I just love everything about this living room. Click on the photo to get the tour of the rest of the house. It is spectacular!

What goes through your mind when you see arched doors or windows?