I’ve been feeling a little inspired from my Costa Rica trip. I’m really appreciating more greens and natural vibes in interiors, so I decided to see what I come up with. I wanted to incorporate different time periods, some accessories that screams travel, and some texture.

Earthy Electic

My starting point was wallpaper. I picked out Bananier from Pierre Frey for its statement. Although it does not come this way, it could look very cool as a mural. But, as it is, it could be great either as an accent wall or doing all walls. It would be very bold to do all the walls, but I think it’s the type of wallpaper where it would just transport you to a tropical location.

Since this wallpaper is pretty bold, I elected to keep the rest of the room simple. I chose this Amagansett bookcase because it seems to have a little bit of a blue tint to it to tie in with the wallpaper, though you would think Marshmallow would be white(maybe it’s just my eyes!) Plus, I love the Moroccan pattern along side of it.

I decided to keep the sofa neutral. This link is the closest I could find of the sofa that you see above. I’m still learning my sofa names, but maybe chippendale camelback wasn’t quite right. Let me know if you know. On either side of the sofa, this beautiful sidetable has the details of greek keys.

Pair that sofa with a couple of Art Deco chairs for interest and to start tying in the green. Love the arms on it. A great side table for the Art Deco chair would be this Easton Glass table. I love that it’s visually light but the legs are like branches to bring in some nature.

At this point, the room needs a little texture, so I thought it would be fun to add in a white tibetan ottoman.

I love the details of this antique coffee table. It ties in the green and helps to add age and character to the room.

This orΒ this rug adds even more texture and softness to the room.

Now for some lighting, I chose this starburst pendent to continue bringing in the gold. To me, gold has some of that global feel to it. This floor lamp brings in more nature.

I love the simplicity of the photograph of the elephant. It also ties in the global style but still works with the antiques and mid century stuff in the room.

This pillow and this pillow adds some fun to the room.

Of course, every room needs plants. Putting it in this large woven basket adds great texture to the room.

What are your thoughts on this room design?