Despite seeing something amazingly good on Pinterest or Instagram, it can be tiring to see the same things over and over again. Hello, white interiors. Oh, no. Good bye.

How often have you heard of someone moaning for something different? It’s everyone everyday. We’re all trying to achieve the ultimate goals of individualism- that no one is quite like them. But is it possible that everyone just likes the same thing? Is it possible that we’re doomed to live in this vicious cycle of white interiors? After all, years after years, it’s still going strong.

I’m not at all entirely against white. There is a place and time for it. A white room done well is gorgeous. These days, what I am against is white as a dominant color. I’m just over it. It’s like trying to take a bite of dinner when I’m full. There’s so much struggle. People, let’s move on for now. As you will see in my house-eventually- white is used as an accessory color and that does not include my trims. (Are trims an accessory or a feature? So many questions. So many interpretations.)

Let’s now go over to the dark side. As I like to say, there are cookies over there. And wine. And beer. Let’s have a glass or two!

As you step through the shadows and out the other side into the light, you’ll notice a slight moodiness to the atmosphere. Upon closer inspection, you’ll notice-*gasp*- and wait for it-

Dark gray trims!

Guys, I feel like I need to explain that I have a sarcastic sense of humor, but in all seriousness, I really do have dark trims. I used Sherwin William’s Storm Cloud all throughout the house for that sense of unity and flow. For someone who has always lived with white trims, going dark was a bit of a risk. Only for me, it wasn’t. The last apartment I lived in had dark trim all throughout. We did not paint it. It came that way. My husband and I loved it so much that we decided to try it in our house. My husband particularly felt that it would add a certain richness to the house and he was right.

I’ve been back and forth on this an insane amount of time on whether or not to show you guys my trim, but I’ve decided I should wait. At the moment, you guys wouldn’t see much more than you would in this post that I previously wrote on the paint colors the ceilings and trims. I’m still not ready for a full reveal anywhere. In fact, I might not share anything until we get our floors put in, but that’s a story for another day- soon.

We all develop preferences for our color schemes and it’s all dominated by the house and its location. Not every house is meant to have white interiors and my house was one of them. You’ll even notice in the before tour, even the sellers had cozy colors all throughout. There is something about my house that just begs to be integrated with nature, which suits it because it’s surrounded by beautiful landscaping outside. This is when you try to listen to the soul of the house. Sometimes you’ll get lucky and hear it right away; others, you’ll just have to take your time and listen. It’ll come to you.

You know how right now one of the biggest trends in interior design is to paint your walls dark? Sometimes it’s a leap of faith and sometimes it’s too much of a leap. That’s all right. If you want to just dip your toes into something dark, paint your trims dark. Dark trims are just that perfect compromise between light and dark. This is how you can still have both. This is how you can still have that feeling of walking amongst the clouds with light colors and that moodiness of a rainy day because- be honest- there are some days where you feel like one or the other and you need something to reflect your emotions, which is why music is where we so strongly connect with our emotions. You feel that lightness or darkness in the songs. So why not translate it into the interiors of your home?

Check out how these dark trims can transform your home:

This entry by Tharon Anderson is one of my favorites! She uses a dark blue add not only add a slight moodiness but some fun! You can tell right off that this house does not take itself seriously.

Courtesy of Design Chic, this is a sneak peek into Beth Webb‘s book called An Eye for Beauty. The trims of this entry is beautifully done. Notice how the darker trim gives this coastal vibe a sophisticated moodiness.

If you’re going for a monochromatic look with black and white, why not do black trims and make it part of the design scheme?

Not that monochromatic is the first word that comes to mind for this room, but it’s the same concept here. It’s a pink and green room, but they’ve taken the trim and played up on the green, further adding a sense of fun to the space.

Katie Ridder is known for color and is one of my design heroes! In this dining room, she was not afraid to go dark on that big trim. In fact, that idea turned it into one of the showstoppers!

Major love here for the dark trims in a space that still manages to be light!! *Insert multiple hearts* Same for the image below!!

I obviously have a thing for blue. These blue trims are still dark but still adds a pop of fun and moodiness. It’s much like the one above from Tharon Anderson. I personally don’t think you can go wrong with any shade of blue.

Another showstopping dark trim!

Another fantastic idea is to make the trims the same color as your kitchen cabinets! It’s definitely great for color flow.

This is probably one of the best dining rooms that creates a sense of moodiness without being too serious. But you can’t take yellow too seriously to begin with! This just puts a smile on my face!

That first image at the very top of this page is my favorite out of everything I’ve seen with dark trims but I may be biased because this is very close to what I’ve done in my home. Funnily enough, I’ve been thinking about putting herringbone tile in my kitchen as a backsplash and carrying it on over to the fireplace. I know you’d never believe me if I said this was not one of my original inspirational images when I was trying to come up with a design plan for my house.

What do you guys think about dark trims? Yay or nay?