Having some chairs in a circle surrounding a coffee table is a refreshing way to mix up seating arrangements. Typically there’s a couch or two involved in seating arrangement. I find it somehow more intimate and inviting to have conversations in this set up.

I don’t know about you, but this makes me want to gather around and gossip!

Definitely a perfect way to enjoy a spot by the fire.

Love this out in a sunroom where you can also enjoy the view and some sun.

Heather Scott Home and Design got this arrangement all set up right. Wine bar by this seating arrangement? Done. I’m there.

Love the shabby chic coziness of this space. This makes me think of a glorious summer day at a house out on a lake.

Love the pop of orange in there, like a pop of fun.

As beautiful as the floors are, I would have put a rug down to cozy up the space. Love all the symmetry here, especially with the floor lamps. This way everyone has a lamp to read a book by.

Woodvale Drive traditional-living-room

This may be one of my favorite rooms. I’ve saved it in my Dream Home Inspiration pinterest board.

Sunnybrook Mediterranean mediterranean-living-room

I definitely want to try this seating arrangement in one of my future homes. Do you find this practical at all?