Show me something blue and I’m falling head over heels before you can even say “So beautiful!” Indigo is such a lovely word for blue. I even love the way it’s pronounced and the feelings and images it may conjure. When I hear the word indigo, I think of the dyes made for textiles and dark beautiful rooms.


Blue is my neutral color, but I think dark blues, like indigo and navy, are bold. It demands your attention without screaming for it. It is a comforting color without being too formal, like a black and/or white room.

This is still a gorgeous bathroom. Who wouldn’t want to take a minute to primp here?

Indigo: The Color that Changed the World

I haven’t read this book¬†by Catherine Legrand yet. It sounds like it’s full of good information. Not to mention it’s full of pictures of indigo. I hope it’s drool-worthy.

While we’re on the subject of information, I thought this link was kind of neat. It’s a brief history of indigo. Who knew it had such a political influence? Read about it here.

Indigofera Tinctoria is native to India and Asia. The blue dye actually comes from this plant. The leaves, I think, is where it derives from. I never would have thought blue dye would come the sort of plant with visible traces of blue.

Indigo was named one of the 10 best interior trends for 2014. Read about it here.

Another interesting mention of Indigo is by The Design Sheppard. This article is about using indigo in interiors. Read about it here.

One of my sisters said that when she hears the word indigo, she thinks of the Indigo Bunting. Aren’t the colors on these birds stunning?

Saphyra Indigo is ¬†usually a climber and grows best during spring and summer. I’ll have to give these a try when I have a house one day.

indigo cover shot

Indigo was Pottery Barn’s 2014 Spring Collection. I love this collected look.


I also love this collage put together by Libby Kirwin for her blog called Living with Libby.

This bedroom by Kim Armstrong is absolutely gorgeous!

What do you think about when you see the word indigo?