This is not a typical design book. That’s not to mean you wouldn’t get any ideas from looking at these beautiful pictures.

Justina Blakeney's home via Design Bloggers at Home.

This is my most favorite picture in the entire book. I have always loved the idea of shelves in the windows, displaying books or colorful glass accessories-just like so in the picture. But I don’t know if I could commit to it. I kind of love looking out windows too much. This is a window of Justina Blanekey’s Jungalow home. I love her word and style: Jungalow.

My point is, I enjoyed this book. It’s a good fit for me at this stage of my life.  I’m just starting my blog and I’m figuring out what exactly I’m trying to voice. This book was full of tips and inspiring motivations. I loved that the last chapter was nothing but suggestions on starting a new blog.

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“Stay true to who you are; just do your own thing. It can be a bit overwhelming at first- you’re suddenly connected to so many people. Don’t have any expectations- start without an agenda.” -Maria Carr; Dreamy Whites

Since reading this quote, it has inspired to me to continue the blog. It has also reminded me not to get caught up in trying to be one of the more popular blogs(long ways to go, obviously), that I’m here more for a creative outlet. I have, however, started following some of these more popular blogger mentioned in the book by Ellie Tennant. I wish I could follow them all, but some of them don’t seem to have blogged in a few months. Even if they did start blogging regularly again, I would feel overwhelmed at the amount of posts I would have to go through. Any one of these bloggers would be a good source to follow and gather information on what makes them a popular read while trying to remain true to myself.

Design Bloggers at Home: Karine from Bodie and Fou

“Keep at it- you’ll get there. It can take a while to find your voice.” -Karine Candice Kong; Bodie and Fou.